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What is COMPASS Test?

COMPASS Pilot Aptitude Test Center in Mumbai, India where you can Prepare for Jet Airways COMPASS Pilot Aptitude Test or Spicejet COMPASS Pilot Aptitude Test India. Flightsimcenter is the Authorized COMPASS Test Center in India.

COMPASS: COMputerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System. 


Selecting pilots or rather screening pilot candidates which have the appropriate set of skills to become an commercial aviation pilot is a difficult and time consuming. FTO’s or Airlines often have to free-up time of experienced pilots and instructors to assess candidates suitable as commercial aviation pilots. COMPASS is a pilot selection and screening system used by airlines and FTO’s to screen and select candidate pilots for commercial aviation pilot training. Because COMPASS is a series of tests taken on a normal PC, the results are not open to interpretation, all candidates are tested on the same set of skills required to become an airline pilot. The results of the COMPASS pilot aptitude test clearly show in which skills the pilot candidate is proficient or not.

COMPASS: More than 21.000 pilots screened using COMPASS. Airlines and FTO’s around the world rely on COMPASS for pilot selection.

COMPASS pilot selection and screening test

COMPASS at a glance:
  • COMPASS install on a normal windows PC

  • COMPASS tests all skills required to become a civil aviation pilot

  • COMPASS is available in: English

COMPASS is a pay-per-use system; Pay per COMPASS test taken, No initial cost, no fixed fees.

The COMPASS installation include:
  • COMPASS – Aptitude Selection and screening for ab intio pilots

  • Advanced COMPASS – Aptitude test for experienced pilots

  • CPP – Checklist Professional Profile – Psychometric test for pilot recruitment

Standardized and objective pilot selection and screening:

Because COMPASS is a computer based pilot screening and selection system, there is no human intervention in the tests or results. All pilot candidates are screened using the same baseline allowing the test results of different pilot candidates to be compared.

COMPASS test results show a score for each tested skill.


Eye hand foot coordination test – COMPASS pilot Selection

A typical COMPASS pilot screening test takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. COMPASS test pilots on the following skills that are needed to qualify as a aviation pilot: 


COMPASS: (for Beginner or Ab intio pilot screening)

  • Eye-hand-foot co-ordination (Control)

  • Eye-hand co-ordination (Slalom)

  • Short term memory (Memory)

  • Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)

  • Spatial Orientation (Orientation)

  • Multi-Tasking (Task Manager)

Advanced COMPASS (for experienced aviation pilots)

  • Complex Control Task (CCT)

  • ATPL Theoretical questions (ATPL)

  • Short term memory (Memory)

  • Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)

  • Spatial Orientation (Orientation)

  • Multi-Tasking (Task Manager)

Results of a compass test are instantly checked over the internet by the main COMPASS servers. The results are instantly available and show a score for each tested skill. The presentation of COMPASS test results makes it possible to show a candidate pilot on which skills he or show has scored proficient and which skills need work in order to start aviation pilot training.

Advantages of COMPASS pilot screening


Mental Arithmetic test (Mathematics)


  • Standardized tests – All candidates take the same test

  • Complete aptitude test – All relevant skills tested

  • Objective tests – No human interpretation; eliminates discussion about results.

  • Pay per use – Airline or FTO is ONLY charged per test, no other costs or fees

  • COMPASS pilot selection system has been independently validated.

  • Extremely cost effective system for initial pilot selection and screening

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