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  • Old Cadell Road

Service Description

1. Air Regulation 1.1 International Agreements and Organizations a) The Convention of Chicago Air Navigation b) The International Civil Aviation Organization c) Other International Agreements d) PIC authority and responsibility regarding safety and security e) Operators and pilot’s liabilities towards persons and goods on the ground f) Commercial practices and associated rules 1.2 Annex 8 – Airworthiness of Aircraft 1.3 Annex 7 – Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks 1.4 Annex 1 – Personnel Licensing 1.5 Rules of the Air (Based on Annex 2) 1.6 Procedures for Air Navigation a) Foreword – introduction b) Definitions and abbreviations (see general statements) c) Departure procedures d) Approach procedures e) Holding procedures f) Altimeter setting procedures g) Secondary surveillance radar transponder operating procedures 1.7 Air Traffic Services a) Air Traffic Services b) General c) Air Traffic Control d) Flight Information Service e) Alerting Service f) Principles governing the identification of RNP types and the identification of ATS routes other than standard departure and arrival routes g) Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services h) General provisions i) Area Control Service j) Approach Control Service k) Aerodrome Control Service l) Flight Information Service and Altering Service m) Use of radar in Air Traffic Services 1.8 Aeronautical Information Service 1.9 Aerodromes a) Annex 14 b) Visual aids for navigation c) Visual aids for denoting obstacles d) Visual aids for denoting restricted use of areas e) Emergency and other services f) Attachment A to Annex 14 1.10 Facilitation (based on Annex 9) 1.11 Search and Rescue (based on Annex 12) a) Annex 12 – definitions b) Organization c) Operating procedures d) Search and Rescue Signals 1.12 Security (based on Annex 17) a) Annex 17 1.13 Aircraft Accident Investigation (based on Annex 13) a) Annex 13 – definitions, applicability 1.14 CARs: Sections 2, 7 and 8 1.15 National Law 2. Human Performance & Limitations 2.1 Human Factors: Basic Concepts a) Human Factors in aviation b) Flight Safety concepts 2.2 Basic Aviation Physiology and Health Maintenance a) Basics of flight physiology b) Man and Environment the sensory system c) Health and Hygiene 2.3 Basic Aviation Psychology a) Human information processing b) Decision making c) Avoiding and managing errors: Cockpit Management d) Personality e) Human overload and under load f) Advanced cockpit automation 3. Operat

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  • Mahim Industrial Estate, Old Cadell Road, Central Government Staff Colony, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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