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Service Description

Course Special Features General Technical: Aerodynamics – Aerodynamics theory, Equation of Continuity, Bernoulli Theorem, Description of Aerofoil, Airflow over Aerofoil, Lift Equation, Lift Curve, Lift/Drag Curve, Drag, Parasite Drag, Induced Drag, Methods of reducing Drag, Effect of Weight-Altitude- Configuration on Drag Win Tip Vortices, Wing Geometry and Design features, Concept of increasing lift and reducing drag, High Lift devices and Flaps, Flight Controls, Stall, Stability and Control, Mechanics of Flight and Aircraft Performance. Jet Engine: Jet Engine Principle of operation, Types of Construction, Jet Engine Inlets, Jet Engine Compressors Theory and Construction, Jet Engine Combustion Theory and Construction, Jet Engine Turbine Theory and Construction, Jet Engine Exhaust (Jet Pipe) Theory and Construction, Thrust Reverser System. Jet Engine Internal Airflow System, Jet Engine Starting and Ignition, Jet Engine Fuel and Oil System, FADEC, Jet Engine Operation and Monitoring, Jet Engine Performance. Electrical: Basic Electric Theory Revision, Aircraft Batteries, Direct Current Theory, Alternating Current Theory, Aircraft Power Generation Navigation and Nav Aids: IRS and GPS Revision Flight Safety and SMS:DGCAR CAR on Flight Safety, Safety Management System, Incident and Accidents Reporting, Pilot Special and Voluntary Reports, Flight Safety Risk Assessment and Mitigation, (Flight Operation Quality Assurance) DFDR AND CVR recording features. Jeppesen Charts Training: Jeppesen Airway Manual, Enroute Charts, SID, STAR and Approach Charts MEL and CDL: Minimum Equipment List Concept and Interpretation, CDL Concept and Interpretation Industry A320 Accidents and Incidents: Discussion and Analysis of A320 Incidents and Accidents and review of the causes and conclusion. Group Discussion on Possible Scenarios and Decision making

Contact Details

  • Mahim Industrial Estate, Old Cadell Road, Central Government Staff Colony, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    +91 9820274179

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