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A320 & B737 Pre-Type Rating


10 days & Extended

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About the Program

Our Pre-Type Rating Program is an essential step in the training process, allowing pilots to develop and refine their skills in a safe and controlled environment. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, pilots will be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the Type Rating course and ultimately become proficient in flying the Boeing 737 or Airbus aircraft.

Aircraft Familiarization:
  • Cockpit layout and instrumentation

  • System controls and indicators

Normal Operations:
  • Start-up and taxi procedures

  • Takeoff and landing procedures

  • Cruise and descent procedures

Abnormal Operations:
  • Engine failure and shutdown procedures

  • System malfunctions and emergency procedures

Emergency Procedures:
  • Engine fire and evacuation procedures

  • System failure and emergency landing procedures

Instrument Flying:
  • Instrument navigation and communication procedures

  • Instrument approach and landing procedures

Simulator Training:
  • Pilots will participate in simulator sessions, practicing normal and abnormal operations, emergency procedures, and instrument flying.

  • Simulator sessions will be conducted in a realistic and immersive environment, replicating real-world scenarios.

  • Instructor feedback and guidance will be provided throughout the training.

  • Improved familiarization with the aircraft's systems and performance

  • Enhanced handling and decision-making skills

  • Increased confidence in emergency situations

  • Better preparation for the Type Rating course

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