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A320 & B737 Post Type Rating


10 days & Extended

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About the Program

This program provides pilots with the additional training and preparation needed to succeed in a commercial airline environment. By focusing on specific skills and knowledge, pilots can refine their skills and become more confident and competent in their abilities.

Airline Operations:
  • Crew resource management

  • Crew communication and decision-making

  • Airline procedures and protocols

Route Familiarization:
  • Familiarization with common airline routes and destinations

  • Review of navigation and communication procedures

Aircraft Performance:
  • Review of aircraft performance and limitations

  • Practice with performance calculations and planning

Emergency Procedures:
  • Review of emergency procedures and protocols

  • Practice with emergency scenarios and decision-making

Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT):
  • Realistic scenario-based training

  • Practice with crew resource management and decision-making

Airline-Specific Procedures:
  • Familiarization with airline-specific procedures and protocols

  • Review of airline-specific documentation and checklists

Advanced Aircraft Systems:
  • Review of advanced aircraft systems

  • Practice with system malfunctions and emergency procedures

Weather Operations:
  • Review of weather patterns and forecasting

  • Practice with weather-related decision-making

Simulator Training:
  • Practice with realistic scenarios and emergency procedures

  • Evaluation of crew resource management and decision-making skills

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