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A320 & B737 Airline Sim Check Preparation


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About the Program

Flight Sim Center specializes in providing high-quality flight simulator training using advanced A320 and B737 simulators. Our simulators are equipped with realistic Fix Base setups and immersive curved visual displays, creating an environment that closely mirrors actual flying conditions. This setup ensures trainees experience a realistic and engaging simulation.

Our team of experienced instructors plays a crucial role in guiding students through comprehensive learning sessions. They are dedicated to helping each student grasp the intricacies of aircraft operation and system management effectively.

For those preparing for airline simulator checks, we offer a specialized program designed to simulate real-world scenarios encountered during these assessments. This preparation program enhances readiness and confidence, ensuring students perform well during their simulator checks.

Sessions at Flight Sim Center are tailored to individual skill levels and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner pilot or an experienced aviator seeking to refine specific skills, our flexible booking options allow you to customize your training experience. This personalized approach ensures that each student receives the right amount of training to achieve their learning objectives efficiently.

By choosing Flight Sim Center, students benefit from our commitment to providing realistic training environments, expert instruction, and tailored programs that prepare them for real-world aviation challenges.

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